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Annelieke van Halen, designer and maker of shoes 

As an artisan shoemaker who is driven by a lifelong love for shoes, I create timeless designs that span the seasons. My passion for modern and contemporary art is reflected in the minimalist, clean lines of my designs. Each pair of shoes I produce is made to order; I use quality leather and biodegradable materials from Italy for all my creations, resulting in footwear that exudes a high-quality finish and is ideal for lovers of sustainable products.

It has never been more important to know the provenance and environmental impact of what you are buying. I believe in creating honest, low-impact products that help you reduce your carbon footprint.

Today’s women, who make conscious careers choices and who have their own view of the world, are looking for shoes that they can stand strong in. Both literally and figuratively.

I make shoes in which the wearer can take confident-step after confident-step when walking her life path. Especially when she goes off the beaten track. When wearing my shoes, a woman feels uplifted: the uniqueness of the designs underlines her individuality and lets her shine.

"You have to be unique, and different, and shine in your own way" - Lady Gaga


Annelieke van Halen (1979) studied shoe design and -making at the Dutch Shoe Academy, centre of excellence for craftsmanship. As well as having her own studio in Delft, Annelieke also uses the workshop of master shoemaker René van den Berg in Hoofddorp, from whom she has learned, among other things, how to make moulds for heels.


"Annelieke van Halen is a talented shoemaker. She works extremely precisely and with her knowledge and skills she knows how to process honest materials into unique high-quality footwear with a good fit" - René van den Berg, master shoemaker (NL)

"Perfectly fitted to my requirements after a pleasant experience trying and measuring" - Michiel (NL)

"They are very comfortable and I think they will be very versatile. 
They fit like a glove!" - Joseph (USA)

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